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Textured walls look great, are incredibly durable and offer up a level of luxurious elegance you just don’t find with painted walls.  Texturing Walls is a very popular method of Home Decorating within the Austin, Texas and Roundrock Texas areas that we service.
One of the most common projects we complete is homeowners with an older home that may have an old and outdated wall texture and we’ll come in and give them a “texture” makeover which modernizes and beautifies their home.
There are many different wall texture styles and finishing techniques that we can apply for you and it’s best if we have a quick consultation so we can have a look and offer you real solutions.
Not really the smallest project, texturing of your walls takes some time and bit of thought as well if it’s going to look nice.  Edges must be smooth, and careful attention must be paid to transitions and other areas where walls or ceilings meet.
Types Of Wall Texturing We Can Apply:

  • “Orange Peel” or “Eggshell” texturing is when we spray small splatters of thinned drywall compound onto your surface to be textured.  The finished result is a roughened texture that is quite popular.
  • “Knock Down” or “Skip Trowel” texturing is accomplished by spraying spatters of thinned drywall compound onto the surface to be textured. After it begins to harden, we gently smooth it using a large drywall knife or trowel to flatten the tops of large spatters.

Both of these finishes required the use of a sprayer and when done by the average do-it-yourselfer doesn’t always come out looking that great.  That’s why it’s important to choose a company with extensive experience in wall texturing and a track record of excellent looking finished projects.
T-Byrd Painting specializes in texturing and re-texturing the walls and ceilings in your home with a professionalism and finished quality that will be hard to find somewhere else.


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