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Room Repainting in Austin, Texas

If you could peel back the layers on someones walls you’d probably find out that they’ve been painted and repainted several times.  The repainting of a room in your home is actually more common then you think.  There are many reasons why you’d want to repaint, maybe your home is going up for sale or you’re moving into a new one, maybe you’ve got new furniture and/or decor that just doesn’t go with the current colors.
Not all homeowners want to replace or the change the color, sometimes you’d just like a fresh new coat of the same color to bring a dull, faded paint job back to life.
T-Byrd Painting specializes in helping homeowners with their home repainting projects.  We can help you with the entire process through your color choices and chosen paint products through all the prepwork and then final paint and lastly a thorough cleanup. When we repaint a room in your home you’ll never know we were there aside from the beautiful newly painted walls in your home.
We Can Repaint The Following Interior Rooms:

  • Repaint Bedrooms
  • Repaint Entryways
  • Repaint Bathrooms
  • Repaint Kitchens
  • Repaint Living Rooms

Most repainting projects aren’t big jobs and for that reason many homeowners try to save money by doing it themselves…  It’s probably not as expensive as you think, and surely your time is more valuable than that.  Our experienced painting crew can complete any residential repainting project you might have and we’ll do the necessary prep work and careful application so that your paintjob lasts a long time.


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