Exterior Staining

Natural wood trim and decor on the exterior of your home brings about it’s look of elegance and sophistication and the proper application of a wood stain only enhances that.
Exterior stain isn’t just for good looks though as it protects your wood from the elements and the worst of all which is UV light. Slowly over time it will degrade most finishes and cause your wood to fade. Thankfully it can be restored with a careful sanding and re-application of stain.
T-Byrd Painting has completed many exterior staining projects around Austin Texas.
We Can Provide Exterior Stain For The Following:

  • Exterior Wood Trim
  • Exterior Wood Doors
  • Wood Garage Doors
  • Wooden Fences
  • Wood Decor
  • Wood Ceilings and Panelling
  • Timber Framing and Beams

T-Byrd painting can provide you with the local knowledge and expertise that will help you choose the right colors, the right products and we’ll give you a fair price too!


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    "Great job!  The work was timely and professional.  Travis and his crews are highly recommended."

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    "The T-Byrd Painting Team and Owner have be a pleasure to work with on our home. They have been truly cooperative and flexible with the complexity of our work lives. They should be recognized as a team that cares and gets the job done while being completely trustworthy while working on the premises. I would highly recommend them."

    John M.
    Georgetown, TX. Homeowner
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